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W – Wreath

Wreaths (les Couronnes) are often used to decorate the front door during the Advent and Christmas period. The origins and traditions of wreaths are varied around the world. They tend to be made from evergreens (plantes sempervirentes) as they symbolise… Continue Reading →

T – Trifle

Trifle is a traditional English desert often associated with Christmas. It is made with layers of cake, fruit, custard and cream (so many different recipes possible). It should be made in a glass bowl so that it is as pretty… Continue Reading →

R – Reindeer

How would Santa manage without his Reindeer (les rennes, ou Caribou au Canada)? Did you know that reindeer became particularly popular after the poem « The Night Before Christmas » in which the reindeer are called: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,… Continue Reading →

K – Kids

Kids (les gamins) are particularly excited around Christmas. This word used especially in the US to talk about children is actually the word for baby goats (chevreaux)… This is probably no coincidence as both are lively and get up to… Continue Reading →

Nicky’s Word Wisdom – Light

Hier on m’a demandé « Comment tu traduirais le mot light ? », et comme souvent, j’ai répondu « c’est quoi le contexte ? ». Mes interlocuteurs ne se rendent pas toujours compte des problèmes potentiels d’une traduction sans contexte…. Continue Reading →

Nicky’s Word Wisdom – Injure

Aujourd’hui je vous explique les faux amis « injure » et « injure » ! En anglais « injure, injury, injured » parlent de blessure « to injure somebody/oneself », « to have an injury », « to be injured… Continue Reading →

Nicky’s word wisdom – Life

Un petit conseil d’anglophone… si vous achetez un vêtement (ou autre objet) avec un slogan en anglais, vérifiez d’abord que cela veut vraiment dire quelque chose. Vu l’autre jour sur un t-shirt dans mon village « The life is what… Continue Reading →

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