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Did I just save your job?

Imagine this…Scenario 1 – You’re pitching to your client with a presentation compiled by your team after hours of meetings, brainstorming, and rewrites.All’s going well until you discover you’ve used the name of the wrong client in your presentation and… Continue Reading →

Can jobs get any better?

I’m not saying I have the best job in the world… but I have spent the summer working in so many different places, that it really feels as though it may be. I’ve taken my #translations to Dublin (Ireland), Nottingham… Continue Reading →

Le diable est dans les détails !!

Lors de ma dernière prestation de relectrice éditoriale* j’ai relevé un détail qui aurait pu entraîner des conséquences graves pour mon client. Le titre du CEO était resté en « bolo bolo ». Bien sûr j’ai également trouvé d’autres détails à corriger ;… Continue Reading →

My little Limerick

There once was a freelance translator Who put off a job until later When asked why this was… she replied it’s because I’ve always been a procrastinator

Copywriter for hire

I’ve recently had some time to reflect on my job. Some friends who are also clients asked me to help out with their admin during a busy period for their company. January is a quiet month for me, so I worked… Continue Reading →

Nicky’s Word Wisdom – Versatile

Same word, different meaning! Versatile Ce mot qui veut dire presque la même chose en anglais et en français a pourtant une connotation négative ou positive selon la langue. Encore une preuve que nous ne voyons pas les choses de… Continue Reading →

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