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Y – Yule

Yule was an ancient celebration of the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere. The sun had increased importance in the countries where the days are short and the winters long. This celebration preceded the Christian Christmas in Europe. The yuletide… Continue Reading →

X – Xmas

Xmas is a short version of the word Christmas. As Christmas actually means the mass of Christ, some people believe that the word Xmas is a means of removing the religious meaning from the word. However it appears that Xmas… Continue Reading →

T – Trifle

Trifle is a traditional English desert often associated with Christmas. It is made with layers of cake, fruit, custard and cream (so many different recipes possible). It should be made in a glass bowl so that it is as pretty… Continue Reading →

R – Reindeer

How would Santa manage without his Reindeer (les rennes, ou Caribou au Canada)? Did you know that reindeer became particularly popular after the poem « The Night Before Christmas » in which the reindeer are called: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid,… Continue Reading →

L – Lights

Lights are an essential part of Christmas decorations. But did you know that the word « light » has many different meanings in English. Light can be used as a verb (alllumer): light a cigarette, light a fire… It is also the… Continue Reading →

F – Frost

Frost (givre) is what makes the world look white when the night has been very cold (not snow). People often make decorations with fake frost to give a winter atmosphere for Christmas.

B – Brandy Butter

What would Christmas be without brandy butter? This sweet « sauce » which melts deliciously on hot pudding or mince pies is made with butter, icing sugar and brandy. C’est tellement anglais qu’il n’y a pas de traduction !

Nicky’s Word Wisdom – Light

Hier on m’a demandé « Comment tu traduirais le mot light ? », et comme souvent, j’ai répondu « c’est quoi le contexte ? ». Mes interlocuteurs ne se rendent pas toujours compte des problèmes potentiels d’une traduction sans contexte…. Continue Reading →

Nicky’s Word Wisdom – Injure

Aujourd’hui je vous explique les faux amis « injure » et « injure » ! En anglais « injure, injury, injured » parlent de blessure « to injure somebody/oneself », « to have an injury », « to be injured… Continue Reading →

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