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V – Visitors, visiting, visits

One of the great things about the Christmas period is visiting and visitors. Family, friends, neighbours, people like to visit each other for drinks or meals, or maybe even just a wintry walk. Christmas day itself is usually reserved for… Continue Reading →

H – Holly

Holly (houx) with its dark green leaves and bright red berries is a traditional winter plant. It is often used along with Ivy (lierre) for Christmas decorations.« The Holly and the Ivy » is the name of a traditional British Christmas carol.

Monday word wisdom – Bite

Ce lundi je partage un petit secret pour les +18 ans. Quand votre client anglophone vous propose une « mini bite »… ne fuyez pas en courant! C’est tout simplement qu’il souhaite partager ses petits gâteaux anglais (bite en anglais = bouchée ou… Continue Reading →

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